The Stalwart Meets the School Staff

On his visit to the school after the summer break on 1st July , 2017. Mr. Uberoi the Charman of the school, was introduced to the new members of the teaching staff. 

He then addressed all the teachers.In his address, he mentioned many fascinating and interesting facts based on his own experiences about school education. He was introduced to the new members of the teaching staff.

He emphasized on making the teaching-learning process more interactive than following the usual lecture method. He advised that the co-curricular activities like art, craft, sports , dance and music should be given more like academics and not to be treated as ‘extra’ as they enhance the personality of the student.

He shared his vision of a good teacher. According to him the most important ingredient of a good school is its teaching faculty. He opined that a teacher needs to have up-to – date knowledge to pass onto his/her students to make them better citizens of the Universe. 

A teacher also needs to use his/her knowledge for the betterment of the institution as well. 

The vision of a good school can be achieved by a good team of teachers along with good infrastructure of the school.